When starting a new business, it’s a dilemma to find the right mix of elements to ace the market. No matter if you have trouble in attracting leads, making sales, or choosing the right audience – you will always need the right balance of data, people, and technology to get success.

Yes, these are the three pillars of digital marketing that can help your business to succeed in the market. Using them separately may not be the right approach, but using them together can show high efficiency. When combined together, these pillars can serve as the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

The Three Digital Marketing Pillars

Providing value to the existing customer base is the real problem where most marketers struggle. However, the problems are not limited to this. Many marketers find it hard to attract new customers. Different marketing strategies include different goals and a whole bunch of costs as well.

Today, brands have a huge set of customer data stored in their database, but what’s its use if technology does not play a role in it? The whole data can go to waste if there is no structure or technology use.


Most companies collect data in different forms, for instance, demographic data, behavioral data, and contextual data. The demographic data targets the age, interests, name, location, etc. of the user. The behavioral data includes the information regarding customer activity, while, the contextual data targets information related to real-time. All of the collected data plays a huge role in attracting new leads and making a sale.


Technology is advancing day by day and there’s no chance that any business will be able to survive in the future without using it. If a brand wishes to succeed in the market, then they need to utilize technology in every area.

However, technology alone cannot do a thing for business. For instance, can web analytics show you customer behavior without first analyzing the data? The availability of data is crucial to using technology for a business’s benefit.

From web analytics to internal digital marketing tools, everything plays a huge role in reaching out to your audience. Tracking customer behavior, demographics, and other information is critical to using technology the right way.

Google or social media ads are focused on utilizing data to show relevant ads to people according to their searches. Not only is it helpful in attracting more leads, but it is the best way to drive sales as well. Boosting brand awareness through promotions is the most viable way to reach your audience along with other options and the use of technology is critical to it.

In short, if there is data, then only is technology helpful. Apart from web analytics, there are facilitative and internal tools that help businesses meet the unique needs of their customers without compromising on their marketing plan. If you’re looking to utilize data in the right way, then coupling it with technology can help in reaching your marketing goals.


What’s data and technology with people? It’s a void.

People are not only your audience but also the people that work with you. From teams, external agencies, to management – these people are the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s important to include people in the equation because that’s where your profits are hidden.

It’s important to understand your audience’s needs and requirements before you design a marketing strategy for them. Long gone are days when the billboards were the only way to attract your audience. Today, marketers can analyze customer data and design a strategy that fits their needs.

Keeping people and their preferences out of the picture is not a wise strategy. People are the reason why businesses exist and for whom digital marketing is in place, so consider it an important pillar of digital marketing.

How to Get Success from Digital Marketing Pillars?

Each of the digital marketing pillars complements the other one. Once you combine all these elements together, it turns out to be the right cocktail with an unimaginable taste.

There’s no proper use of technological tools if there is no data. Similarly, if there is no inclusion of people in the digital marketing strategy, then what’s the data for? They all work together or don’t work at all.

No matter if you’re sending out emails or running promotions, there’s no benefit in it if you don’t use the data properly. So, if you want your brand to succeed in the market, you need to use all of them together to get the best results.

Technological tools operate on this data from where you get marketing insights and design a strategy accordingly. SEO, SEM, SMM, and everything else thrives on data and without it, there’s no sense of targeting your audience. It’s an important aspect of optimizing content, promotions, ads, and so on.

Now, it does not work in one way only. For instance, if you want to grab information about customer behaviors, preferences, the time they spend on your website, and all then it can only be done with the help of technological tools. Apart from it, technology puts a great impact on the people in the organization. It’s important to have the people in your company who understand the technology and know-how to use it. Some roles in your company might become redundant due to technology, so a lot of people can get affected by it.

Some companies focus on only one element, while, others focus on all of them. The best way is to use all three elements to get success in your marketing endeavors.

Learn From Your Competitors 

If you’re wondering which element to use for marketing, then it’s a mixture of all of them. Finding the right marketing strategy is important for business success, so make sure to learn from your competitors and gain insights into your audience’s minds. Each element works best with the other one! If you are looking for digital marketing consultancy then do contact us by sending us an email, or you can visit our insights page if you are looking to read more articles that can provide you with some helpful advice to make your business management smoother.

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