What is Organizational Agility?

The big question is – what exactly is organizational agility?

When it comes to winning fast in the world of technological advancement, it’s important to take organizational agility into the account.

The basic definition of organizational agility is the company’s ability to utilize its resources, adapt to the changes, and be as responsive as possible to the changing market. If your business model contains organizational agility as the main component, then there is nothing that can stop your business from long-term growth.

5 Tips to Radically Improve Your Organizational Agility

Almost all of the companies are now moving forward to building organizational agility to ensure their business’s success in the long term. Companies that practice agility are keen on improving with time and adapt to the market changes, which makes them dynamic.

Whenever there is new competition in the market or a market shift, organizational agility will save you from failure. Losing relevance is the worst thing that can happen to any organization, which is why encouraging chance or adaptability in the organization is highly necessary.

If you’re wondering how you can radically improve your organizational agility, then the below-mentioned tips will be of great use for you.

Operate and Evaluate based on Core Values

The core values of a company define the personality and identity of the organization, so acting upon them can save you from a long-term failure. Your company’s values are unique, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

All your future decisions and changes are based on the company’s core values. In short, your core values are your guiding principles, so evaluating them first should be your priority. Not only are they effective in making wise and informed decisions, but these values ensure compliance between an individual’s values and organizational values.

Furthermore, this consistency ensures an excellent customer experience. When there is a change expected in the organization, these values can help the leaders to make wise decisions.

Recognize Opportunities and Act Quickly

Whenever there is a change in the market, every other person runs to adapt it to stay ahead of their competition. If you’re able to put forward a strategy according to a change and act quickly as compared to others, then you can benefit from organizational agility.

For every company to succeed in the market, they have to adapt to different business models and opt for different hierarchies to capture the market share before anyone else. Apart from it, it’s an effective way to enter new markets and exit the one that no longer serves you. If your entrepreneurial spirit is strong, then working on change management won’t be a problem for your organization.

Adopt a Learning Mindset

Agility not only makes your brand stand on top but also encourages your employees to become the best. Leaders can develop talent with proper change management encouraging people to be more inclusive in the organization’s decision-making process and taking responsibility for their actions.

Apart from it, the value of learning is instilled in people’s hearts to be more capable. Learning is an ideal way to make your employees the top of their careers and be as innovative and collaborative as they can. Having sessions with your employees and asking them about their learning only helps them to take it more seriously. Make sure learning is the priority of all your employees along with the leaders.

Utilize Resources

Leaders are the chess masters when it comes to encouraging and practicing organizational agility. Not only do they foster internal mobility, but also eliminate the conflicting parties. Apart from it, they are the experts at speeding up the process and sharing ideas in the company. Also, they take advantage of the other resources including the strategic alliances and strategic partners.

Leaders know what can benefit their company and how they can win under uncertainty. Their values, experience, and knowledge enable the company to utilize as many resources as it can to grow its business.

Relentless Pursuit of Purpose over Profits

The market is unstable and open to changes, which is why your organization must be strong enough to face it. When it comes to following purpose or profits, you must stick with the purpose to enable other people to follow you for a bigger cause. Not only does following your purpose save you from market turbulences, but enables you to withstand it with your full force.

Your employees need a reason to be there for your company and profits are not a good enough cause. Make sure that your company’s purpose is bigger than what you earn from it. Once your employees feel connected to the cause, practicing organizational agility can become a piece of cake for them.

Fluidly Mobilize Resources

If you’re wondering whether to practice organizational agility or not, then you’re way behind in the process.

The question now remains – how you should do it?

Organizational agility promises your company’s success in the long term. Unless you’re adaptable and dynamic, there is a low chance that your company will withstand the market turbulences. To make sure that you stay ahead of your competition, you have to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

Make your employees feel the importance of organizational agility. To beat the competition, you have to think ahead and be as flexible as you can to the market changes. Involving employees in the decision-making processes, taking feedback, encouraging learning, etc. are the start to welcome organizational agility. Follow the tips above to enjoy the benefits of it!